Monday, August 17, 2009

Dance Class!

Kaylen absolutely LOVES dance class. She has tap, ballet and gymnastics. I am not sure which one she most enjoys. She likes the noise of tap, the gracefulness of ballet (I think she is liking this one the most right now because she prefers to practice this at home) and the equipment of gymnastics. It is so much fun to watch her. I wanted you guys to get a glimpse of it... so I have included photos and a video at the end.

Sweet Kaylen story: Today I took Kaylen into the bathroom at school to change into her dance outfit and she informed me that Alexis was there today (I have no idea who this is). I say how wonderful that is. She then lets me know that Alexis asked her if she wanted to be her best friend and she said sure! I told her teacher about it as we were walking out and she said that they were holding hands all day and that Alexis was new and hadn't been interacting with the kids and she thought her mom probably told her to ask someone to be her friend and she chose Kaylen. I had told Kaylen last week to make sure she was nice to the new kids since she was there last year and knew a lot of people. I am so glad she is doing that! I love her sweetness.

Update on Tripp: Guess I should say that Tripp has rolled over from front to back 3 times now. First time was right before he turned 11 weeks. I thought it was a fluke but he just keeps doing it so maybe not! :)


Anonymous said...

How cute is she...I love the picture of her at the bottom of the steps!! did you position her feel that way or did she do that on her own...either way it is soo cute!!

dawn wilson said...

She learned to do that in class. I told her to show me her dance pose... that is what she chose. She absolutely loves taking dance. It is fun.

Mimi said...

Let us know when she has a recital cause I would love to come. I just can not believe how grown up she is becoming. I think she is just keeps getting cuter and cuter and such personality!!

Love ya!

Jean said...

Brings back memories of my girls in dance classes. Brings back memories of driving to and from and to and from and to and from. Brings back memories of costumes and recitals.

Jodi said...

Love the Kaylen story - how sweet!!!

And as for Tripp.... ummm, HOLY CRAP!