Wednesday, August 26, 2009

God Is Good!

You know those times in your life when things are changing so rapidly and the timing is such that you know God is at work? Well, the last few weeks have been like that for us.

I am going to try and recap what has been going on lately. The first thing was that a friend of ours from church told Allen about a position with her company. He wasn't all that interested at first but the drug sounded intriguing to sell and he really thought he could do a lot to help advance it. So he submitted his resume and that started a rapid chain of events. He had two phone interviews that same week and was flown out to Atlanta the following week. They kept asking him why he wanted to leave his current company and he kept saying that he didn't necessarily want to leave because his company had been good to him but this seemed like an interesting opportunity. Anyway, they were interviewing two other people for the position and one was another friend from church. She had taken a break from pharmaceuticals and needed to get back in. It was going to be bittersweet if he was offered the job and if he wasn't. But God is so much smarter than we are. We got a call, he got the offer and had the weekend to think it over. There were a couple of resons that made it seem like the risks weren't worth the rewards for us. We ended up turning the offer down and staying with his company. In God's goodness, He presented Allen with the offer but gave the job to our other friend at church. Win, win! That was so neat to see how He could take a seemingly lose, lose situation and totally switch it.

That all happened on last Tuesday and that same Friday he got a call from his company to all reps saying that they needed to stay home on the following Tuesday and await a call... there would be layoffs. We didn't know how deep they would be and the possibility of him being cut was there. Even with this news we really felt like God had been so clearly in control of the previous situation and was still in control of this one... whichever way things came out. The results were that both of his partners lost their jobs. About 50% of his cardio-pulmonary team in Alabama was cut. There used to be 5 in the state and 3 are now gone. We are so saddened by all of our friends who are now without jobs. We are also so grateful to the Lord for showing us favor. It is undeserved and we are humbled by His goodness. His job is a huge blessing and we want to be good stewards of all that God has given us. Allen currently doesn't know what his new responsibilities will be nor does he know his new territory. All of that will be told soon and will be effective Nov. 1. Until then he will be trying to cover his entire territory and make up for the loss of his two counterparts. This means some extra nights away. Funny... I don't mind nearly as much as I used to! :)

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Anonymous said...

That is such good news-I had actually already heard through some other people, but wanted to say how happy I am for you both-what a blessing.
Yes-nights alone-I can relate.:) We should hang out when we are "single" mamas.