Friday, September 17, 2010

Field Trip to the Botanical Gardens

***Disclaimer*** If you plan to go to the Botanical Gardens and see the scarecrows, I would skip this post or nothing will be a surprise. I am pretty sure Kaylen HAD to have her picture taken with every scarecrow there!

Here they all are at the start of the day looking and feeling fresh and excited!
This is Alexis and Kaylen. They have been the closest of school friends!

And now we get in to the parade of the scarecrows and Kaylen. First up, Captain Jack Sparrow.
Next we have Ariel... we couldn't tell that was her but the sign swears that it is. Kaylen said she must be getting married or something.
Next... not sure what he is. I am going to call him the headless businessman of Sleepy Hollow.
Closest thing to a traditional scarecrow we saw (minus the green pumpkin head).
Pinocchio! He looks a little scary but he was loved for being so short and easy to look at by the little ankle biters.
Can you believe they have a play area with balls in it? I thought those were banned for being so dangerously dirty. But I guess I was wrong... Of course I let my precious baby play in them!
Buzz Lightyear getting a big ole hug from my little one.
Princess Fiona (or so the sign said), Kaylen and Amelia.
A scare-ghost and Kaylen.
They had a star wars theme and this was a "treewok" village. Cute, huh?
A big spider and some class friends. Hayes, Lacy, Kaylen, Georgie, Seth, ???, and Nikki. Hey, 6 out of 7 isn't bad!
Rushton and Kaylen give Woody a big hug!
Kaylen as Goldielocks.
They said not to touch the butterflies but they never said anything about not letting them touch you!
These 4 girls are such good friends. Georgie, Katie Rose, Rushton and Kaylen.
Here is my little guy. He has been getting in to EVERYTHING these days. I am so worn out and am just trying to keep both him and I alive with nothing around us broken!
Here is how he feels about Kaylen being the boss of him these days. And she is getting frustrated with him some too. On wed. Sept 15, 2010 Kaylen told her brother that she hated him for the very first time. It broke my heart and she tried to take it back right away. I know that is just the beginning of many more years of sibling fighting.


Mimi said...

Looks like Kaylen had loads of fun on your trip. It makes me sad to see how grownup Tripp is looking. Of course, I think he just keeps getting cuter and cuter...if that is possible.

Jodi said...

Ummmm... C.R.E.E.P.Y.