Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kaylen's first TN game

We decided that Kaylen was old enough to experience a Tennessee game. We wanted to go to one that we thought we could win so we chose the UAB game. It ended up being a great game with us winning in double overtime. It was exciting to watch but I wish we would have been a strong enough team to beat them easily. Alas... another year. Moving on...

We were nervous about Kaylen being uncomfortable. having to sit still for that long. getting bored. getting rained on. the list could go on and on but the conditions were perfect. We ended up with great seats right under an over hang (so we had constant shade and no rain if it would have rained). We were near the end zone which was great. There was a cool breeze and we had coloring sheets. Those were a life saver. She loved smokey and the cheerleaders. The band played Rocky Top a million times (as always) and she loved singing along. Our markers dropped a few times and we had to get some help getting them back but other than that, we had loads of fun. No tears, no complaints, just enjoyment. Did she get in to the football? Of course not but what girl ever truly does? There are a few of us out there but not many.

Here K is pre-game. She was ready! We were waiting on the Vol walk.
Would have been such a sweet family pic at our first game but K wasn't feeling the smiles all that much.

Closer to a smile but the sun was in her eyes and we just got a silly expression. She was getting impatient while we waited.

Sweetest smile of the day. :)

They made it! Here they come! She loved the majorettes. She watched in amazement. Look at those girls twirling their sticks!!!
We are finally at the game and more fun! The band was really fun for her to watch.
Their famous T in all of it's orange glory!

And of course she konked out for the end of the game and totally missed the double overtime. She slept through the loudest part of the game!
Everyone around us thought she was so cute and we had a great time at dinner after the game as well. We did a little shopping and headed back home. At about 9 pm we were 17 miles from S. Pittsburg and traffic came to a screeching halt. Their had been a wreck between two tractor trailers and their cargo had flown everywhere. So we sat completely still for 3 hours awaiting the clean up and reopening of the road. We ended up getting home around 1:30 am. Kaylen was a trooper and it was an unforgettable first for us!


Shannon said...

She is too cute!! I am ignoring the TN orange obviously. ;)

Jodi said...

LOVE these pictures!!

Mimi said...

Kaylen...You are just too cute!! Love ya so very, very, very much!!!!