Monday, September 20, 2010

Frantic Frog

I haven't mentioned on here anything about the races I have been involved in lately on here. Mostly because my point and shoot died and I didn't want to lug around a big camera. And even if I did, who would take the pictures? Well, at the Frantic Frog, Jeremy so graciously took pictures for us.

Just to mention the other races I have done, the Wet Dog was in July. I didn't have a very good race that day for some reason. You know how sometimes you just have an off day? That was me for that race. Oh, and I ran the Cotton Row back in May, I think. My time for that one was 26:57. I felt like I could have done better that day too but it gave me a good time to beat. I did the Frantic Frog two weeks ago and it was a 400 meter swim, 14.5 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. My time was 1:33 and some change that I have forgotten. This is the only one of my races that Allen did with me this year. So I am chronicling this for both of us. Anyway, I also did the Care Center 5K this past Saturday. I finished in 26:20 (which at least beat my earlier run). I am hoping to get my time down even more and might do the Liz Hurley race in October.

Here we are pre-race and you can tell that it isn't quite daylight yet. This is the happiest you will see Allen the entire event!

Here we are in the bike corral getting set up and ready to go. Allen needed help putting those pesky numbers on his shirt. The rest of us seemed to manage fine on our own... but safety pins can get confusing! :)
By this point we are really gearing up. We have gotten down to our swimwear and I don't do that until I absolutely have to. I sincerely think that these races are a lot of people in too much spandex.
I liked how this race had us jump off the dock to start. That's much better than awkwardly running through the water and flopping in. They started us two at a time. Allen and Amy started way before me. I ended up swimming the wrong direction at the end. I swam along the side of the pier and we were supposed to veer right near where the picture is being taken from. Oh well. :)
Here Allen is getting out of the water and on to his bike for his most dreaded leg of the tri.
And here he is finishing the run. He was hating life right about then.

But then again, so was I. I came in after him because I started so much behind him. It is not any fun to know that everyone in your group is already finished and sippin' on some tasty agua while munchin' on orange slices.
Amy and I trained for the race together and she has become a great workout partner. I do so much better when I am held accountable! And we are right there on the same level so we really seem to work well together.

Here are all the girls chatting afterward while we await the results posting. Of course miss fitness blew us all out of the water. Hollie is what I consider the mere definition of discipline. She works hard and it shows. We all seemed
I am not going to brag too much about the outcome of this race... I will let this picture tell you who the winner was between our competitive duo. I will say that I trained WAY harder than he did.


Tales of a Peanut said...

Wow! I'm pretty sure I'm winded just READING about that! I am so impressed!

See you in a few weeks!

Jodi said...

hahahahahahaha. Darn safety pins... I could totally hear you saying that. :)

Nice work, Chica!