Friday, October 15, 2010


I have been meaning to post about a recent trip to "Chaganooga" as my daughter calls it. We had a great time getting out in nature and seeing the sites of the city. If you have small ones, this is a great place to get away to for a long weekend. I hope to go back way more often.

We went with the Bolton's and the Foxes. So six adults and six kids! I can't believe how good everyone was. Here mine are on the way to our first excursion: The aquarium!

The freshwater sting rays were so cool. This was the very first thing we saw and I didn't think the girls were going to move on!
This stroller came in handy on this trip.
Here are our oldest three hanging out together. I think this is still at the freshwater sting ray exhibit.

Okay, so this picture really is cool. When we were in the butterfly exhibit, a large butterfly landed on Allen and let Kaylen "pet" it and Tripp held her hand while she touched it. So sweet! Tripp loved the penguins. Mostly the plastic ones.

He also loved their freezing cold water that you could feel. Granted penguins weren't actually in the water he was touching. That wouldn't have been nearly as sanitary. Kaylen and Tripp both checking out a huge fish tank filled with tons of ocean life.
Joseph is the cutest kid. He wasn't feeling like his overly joyful self on this trip but he was still really good. Seriously, look at that face! She is going to be in trouble in about 13 years!

Rylie being a little momma to Tripp while Kalyen does her "duty" and sits there for the picture. One of the few shots of our entire gang. (well, minus Cohen but he was on the other side of the camera with his momma)

Sweet smiles from the girls. They really do play so well together.
I love this picture of Tripp because this is so his personality. And I think it is so cool how his left eye is more brown than his right one these days. Not sure how they will end up but they are really unique right now. He loves to clap these days. His absolute favorite thing to say is down. He just wants to run. ALL DAY LONG!

Me and the kids in the little tube that goes in the fish tank. After all there was to see at the aquarium my two were sacked. I love seeing them snuggle and nap together. It warms my heart to watch them interact.

We stayed at a cabin that was out in the middle of no where. LITERALLY. But they had horses and a creek. It was really fun to walk around and explore with the little ones. Here are a few of the horses:

This is the one the kids liked. The pony. Of course he was the meaner one and they couldn't really pet him that much.

One morning we went for a hike and found the creek. The kids had fun throwing rocks in the water.
We didn't even brush the girls hair, we just went and had fun.

The older three kids did ride horses around in the yard. They each rode with a parent and were all scared but brave and proud of themselves for doing it.
Here is Andrew about to ride and Kaylen and Rylie are excitedly awaiting their turn. They all loved just seeing the horses. The next day we went to the Children's Discovery Museum. Kaylen called it the Museum of Fun. They had an awesome water feature that entertained Tripp for a really long time.

This sand pit was an area for them to discover dinosaur bones. It was also a huge hit.
It was fun to watch them playing and exploring. Kaylen found a baby and took her to "school". This floor was an area for kids to gain understanding of what it would be like to be disabled. (That has nothing to do with the baby in the picture - not sure what that was up there for) Anyway, they put on blinders and used a walking stick, they pushed themselves around in a wheelchair and other things of that nature. I thought it was a good experience but Stewart thought it was creepy to see the kids in wheelchairs. I sort of agree with that too.
This picture of Andrew cracks me up. He kept asking me to take a picture of him and he would pose. This was my favorite. He is such a little character! I think he may end up with Jeremy's sense of humor... HILARIOUS!


Jean said...

Your blog -- well, I'm impressed. And the kids are just precious beyond words.

Mimi said...

You really captured some really good pictures. All the kids really seem to be having a great time. The are all so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a blast. It is good to see the kids riding horses. I had them around when I was growing up and they were fun. Looks like the "fun" museum was the popular site for the kids. Good to see you all having such fun, thanks for all the great pictures. It makes me feel a small part of their lives. I miss you all so much. Love you bunches.


Jodi said...

Ummmm... that doll is cracking me up.