Friday, October 29, 2010

So many events, so little time to blog about them!

We had one more soccer game after awards day. This was a great end to the season. Kaylen really wanted to make a goal. That didn't happen but she did awesome. She got in there and played! I have some pretty good shots of her really concentrating and playing her heart out. That is what it is all about!

Bye soccer season! See ya next year! Now we are doing swim lessons and next will be basketball!

And just in case you wondered where Tripp was during these games... EVERYWHERE! I can't contain him. Here he is under the bleachers playing with an extra ball. He is really, really full of life. Sigh.
We went to Tate Farms last week with her school. Of course it was the day of the horrible weather and school closed early. Thankfully we had great weather while we were there. It was just extremely windy! Here we are with the perfect pumpkin. Trust me, we checked out every single one in that field!

Here K is posing again. Notice the clouds above. Bad weather was definitely on it's way.
Of course the corn pits are always the favorite part. Actually they are my favorite part too.

She wouldn't smile for me so Ms. Shelly got her to laugh.

Here is her entire class. Well, Alexis wasn't there and she was greatly missed by Kaylen!
Here is Kaylen and Rylie sporting their cute shirts that Emily and I made together. I love to see the two of them together. Such sweet friends!

Well, this will be a sneak peak to my kids Halloween costumes this year. Kaylen picked this out and it turned out so cute. Tripp is the sheep and Kaylen is Little Bo Peep.

Aren't they so cute together?! At least I think so. A mother is always biased. Well, the program was not a success for Tripp. He was the one kid whaling during the program. I got him and he was fine after that. So the program wasn't totally ruined because of him! :) There is always next year. This is making me wonder how Santa pictures will go this year. Kaylen, on the other hand, sang so well! She finally had a good program. (there was a brief stint of nose picking again.)

Well, I will be back next week with an update from actual Halloween. Have a great weekend everyone!


Mimi said...

I always love the pictures of you and the kids. Kaylen was really getting in there in Soccer...WAY TO GO KAYLEN!! I think the Halloween costumes are adorable.

Jodi said...

AHHHHHH! Cutest costume combo EVERRRR!!!

Anonymous said...

Baba loves all the pictures. He is so proud of Kaylen and her wonderful soccer games, you looked like you were doing really well and having fun. The pumpkin patch experience looked fun as well. The costumes were adorable, even though the lamb was not really looking like he was into being a lamb, they were wonderful. I think your little man is going to definately have a mind of his own. All the pictures were great.


Amanda said...

LOVE the sheep and Bo Peep costumes!

Jesse, Jess, Corban, and Malorie said...

So cute!! I hear ya on Tripp not sitting still- SIGH!!! Malorie NEVER sits still- she keeps me busy, that's for sure. Love ya!