Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Soccer Awards

We had our end of the season party for soccer this week. I didn't tell Kaylen anything about it for some reason. I guess it just never came up. Anyway, we had pizza and cake after the game. When the kids were done eating they had them all gather around. They didn't say why and the coach just started talking. He began by describing this first player as someone who was new to soccer this year. They started the year off a little timid but by the end of the season they were in there kicking the ball and playing with the boys. So Kaylen Wilson, this is for you. She was so stunned that he was talking about her and she had no clue what she was supposed to do. She was really surprised that she was getting to keep something and this was the first time she had ever gotten a trophy. It was a priceless moment. She shock and excitement on her face was awesome. And let me tell you, that girl wanted to tell everyone she had a trophy. She had to take it with her in the bathroom for her shower and then wanted to sleep with it. We compromised by putting it by her lamp on her dresser so she could look at it all night. She is dying for show and tell at school so she can take it and show all her friends. That moment was worth every practice and game we have been to. Having kids and watching them get so excited about the smallest things in life is such a reward. I am so glad to be a mom to both of my sweet babies!

This one was her own posing. She was so excited!!!

She didn't like this picture as much because you couldn't see all of the trophy.
So that led to the following:

Then she decided that she really wanted a picture with her brother. That didn't go over too well with him...

But no worries, that is nothing a little man-handling can't eventually fix. Notice she is looking at me and holding her trophy up to be photographed while making sure her brother is in the shot.
These two are really very sweet to each other. He does hit her and she does try to control him but they also love each other and every night she is the only person he will hug and give kisses to no matter what his mood. I love that. Both of my kids are getting so big. I have really noticed changes in Kaylen lately. Something about the way she acts and looks just doesn't seem small anymore. These are good days and I am soaking them in.


Jean Etheridge said...

Go Kaylen!

Mimi said...

That is so cool! Way to go Kaylen!!! I sure do miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Baba is so very proud of his big girl! To go out there and learn a new sport is difficult, but to be so bold and get out there and kick that ball with everyone else is so very special. I am so proud of you. I wish we lived closer and could see your games. I am glad that Mimi at least got to see one of them. I know you were great! Both of them are getting so big. I am also so very proud of their parents who are raising two very wonderful kids.


Jodi said...

Holy cow - COOL TROPHY, Kaylen! That is AWESOME!!!

Love the series of pictures. :)