Friday, September 23, 2011

Recent Projects

Well, I like to always have a project going on... it makes me feel like I accomplished something this week. Last week I got my kitchen table finished up. (I need to get a picture of that up). This week was a sewing week. I finished this first outfit of Kaylen's. It has a hairband with it. After making that I have decided that I really need to make more. The actual band works sooo well and stays in place. Maybe I will do a tutorial for how to make it. I may not always put the flower on it... you could put all sorts of things on the top or leave it just the fabric. I like them a lot!

PS... K doesn't have lipstick on... it is just the alterations to the photo from instagram that makes it look like that. :)

We are going to Disney World this fall so I decided to make shirts for the kids. This first one is for Tripp. I am having their names embroidered on it as I type! :)

Here is the outfit I made for Kaylen. This is also another example of the skirt that is in the tutorial two posts down. It is really a very easy skirt to make and is perfect with leggings.
I have one more outfit that I am working on this week that I may add to this post if I get it finished up... It isn't my favorite. I bought the fabric and then decided I didn't like it at all. Why do we do things like that?!?! But I am using it anyway. It isn't totally horrific... just not a fav of mine. :)


Amanda said...

These look great! Did you applique them without an applique machine??? I am going to try that eventually but am kinda nervous about it. Any good tutorials you recommend??

dawn wilson said...

Ok... You just need your sewing machine using a zigzag stitch. Iron on steam a seam to the back of your fabric and cut out your shapes. Then iron fabric on shirt. Iron a lightweight stabilizer to the underneath of the shirt. Now zigzag sew around the edges. I go around twice because it looks better that way. Also I've heard of a stabilizer that washes away.

Steve Finnell said...

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