Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Soccer's Back!

This year Kaylen is on a team with Andrew and Rylie... two of her favorite people. You will see from the pictures that they tend to run in a pack. :) Look how hard they are all going in this pic!

Here they are together again. :) Look at the determination on their faces! Kaylen really has become more aggressive this year than she was last year. I am not sure that she knew people were kicking a ball around while she was on the field last year but she figured it out this year!
Even though she is playing much harder... she and Rylie are still the girls of the team. The boys run circles around them as evidenced in this pic with Andrew far ahead! :)
She almost made a goal this game and I am hopeful that she will this year. She carried the ball down the field a few times. She seems to have better control of the ball than she has in the past.
If this isn't a motley crew. Sass galore!
Mr. Jeremy had these girls hold a blade of grass to show that they like to go out and pick flowers on the field but in all honesty, both of them play pretty hard (I think at least).
Sweet friends.
Here Kaylen is getting some skin from her coach. This was right after she carried the ball down the field and the little boy in the corner of the picture (who is picking his nose) made the goal... he actually made all but one of our 6 of our goals so pick away my friend, you've earned it! (Andrew scored the other one!)
See what I mean about these girls?!?! They get after it their fair share!
I am sure there will be way more soccer pictures than necessary on this blog but I just can't help it.

And Ashley... I am almost done with my tutorial post that I am creating for you! :)


Mimi said...

Way to hustle Kay!!! Love ya kiddo!

EmilyFox said...

GREAT pics!! Is there any way you can email some to me for Rylie's scrapbook? If I copy from the blog they are the post!!!