Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Days

 I officially have a first grader. She has no front teeth and she is beginning to become her own little person. I love her so much! She really is a treat. I can't get her to focus for more than two seconds on anything unless I give her a book and then she's lost for hours. She'll read in the car and wont even know I've stopped the car. One thing we are working on this week is responsibility. She is not naturally neat. I've made her organize different areas of her room. Last night was her clothes. She had to take all her clothes she stuffed in her drawers and hang them in her closet. It took her all night long! sigh. She loves to please others and tries hard to get positive points in class. I really never worry about her in school and that is a huge blessing. We talk about ways we can be kind to her classmates and help others.She still lets me make clothes for her and she is proud to say that I made them. I love that. 

 This is the second day of school but I made both of these outfits so I thought I would add this shot in too. She's such a cutie with those missing teeth!!! :) Also she loooves wearing something on her ankle. Hairbands, anklets, whatever she can find...
 Now this one worried me about his first day. He was one of two kids that cried buckets on his meet the teacher day. I saw him about 6 that night and asked how it went and he said he didn't like his teacher or school. sigh. This boy. I talked to him about being a big boy the next day and his lip quivered and he said he didn't want to. Well, I'm not sure what happened but he shocked me with all smiles! He is a hoot. He is all about having fun all the time. He loves the Backyardagains. Kaylen did too when she was younger. He loves to put his little (usually dirty) hands on my cheeks and give me fish lips. He also loves pile-ons. Usually it involves him pushing me down and jumping on me and screaming for Kaylen to come and make a sandwich. He hates to eat. Hates it. Will not do it! We call dinner a snack. He will gag if you make him eat anything that he thinks looks remotely gross. Even if it isn't healthy. I thought boys were supposed to be eaters!!!! He has energy for days. He never stops moving until he goes to sleep. I am about to call the ENT because he snores and I am starting to think he may have some sleep apnea issues. He wakes with nightmares a lot and always has had these issues. It's so sad.

 Bye buddy! You never cease to amaze me! Just when I think you'll zig you zag. Thanks for always keeping me on my toes!

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