Monday, September 15, 2008

Bangs, Swimmer Kaylen and Manual Labor Allen

Allen and his dad framed up and poured a concrete ramp out by our storage shed this weekend. I was so proud of Allen for doing the majority of the work! They did an awesome job!

Kaylen got a haircut last week. Ashley White cuts my entire families hair and she is awesome! If you dont have a great hair stylist, give her a call... she is at Attractions (soon to be Posh Pomegranate... I think). Anyway, Kaylen got bangs!

Kaylen has been doing awesome in her swim class! I mentioned this in an earlier post but I am blown away by her. Those of you who have seen her death grip and blood curdling screams know the advancements we've made in two short weeks! Here are a few pictures of us but the best part is the two videos that blogger isn't letting me upload right now. I am going to keep working on it... anyway, she is a rockstar!


Ashley said...

Man, that girl's got SKILLZ! Too cute! And, glad that she is swimming now - will make next summer a breeze =). Love the hair too...looking grown-up, Dawn!

Sween said...

She is a cutie!! She looks a lot like you Dawn. I love her hair do's So SWEET! - Emily S.