Sunday, September 07, 2008

Recent projects and update

Congratulations to our good friends, the Eiland's. They had a gorgeous baby boy. He has the most beautiful blond hair ever! He was a week early so I didn't finish my projects for him until today. I really liked the burp cloths. My embroidery lady is awesome. I sewed the coordinating fabrics on and she did the magic. The last three photos are of a sleep sack I made out of one of Russ' old t-shirts. I did some sewing on the front to embellish things up a bit. I like the woof part but the dog bowl and bone (which you can barely see) didn't turn out as great as I would have liked. I should have stuck with the thicker thread. Anyway, here they are:

This weekend was awesome for the Wilson's - we didn't do anything at all! We had the most relaxing weekend and it was much needed after such a stressful week full of viewings, funerals, and a grand opening of our new youth facilities. On Saturday morning I took Kaylen to her first swim lesson. Some of you know how incredibly frightened she has been of water she cant touch in. I am talking clawing your neck, holding on so tight you cant pry her off of you, blood curdling screaming. This was again the scene when we got into the pool. All the other kids were splashing and playing... so happy. Not Kaylen. She was horrified. Let me just say that by the end she was wearing a float belt, kicking to me while holding on to no one! I couldn't believe it! I am so hopeful for the next 5 weeks! I couldn't be more proud of her. I really didn't expect her to get as far as she did yesterday until maybe the end of the time period. She blew me away! I hope to get pictures of her in swim class doing these amazing things I am talking about but that will have to wait until her daddy is with us to help out.
Kaylen did get sick on Saturday evening. She has been running a low grade temp but has been such a good girl. I have enjoyed it because she has been so snugly. This morning I had to get to church early for our big grand opening and she woke up while I was getting ready. I couldn't convince her to go lay in bed with her daddy so I got her a pillow and her blanket (Pooh Cover) and she fell asleep in the bathroom. This was around 7 am. Allen said she slept there until 9:30! Poor little thing. Tomorrow starts a new week. I have a huge paper due this week, a major project due the next and the equivalent of 10 two-page papers due two weeks after that. Then I can relax. So If I don't talk to you much over the next few weeks... you know why!

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EmilyFox said...

Amazing!!! THose are so adorable & that sleeper is perfect!! What a great gift!