Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I am thinking about Kaylen right now. She is at the Doctor's office and I am missing it for the first time. Her daddy is with her so she will be just fine... I am more sad to be missing out than worried about anything. She has had a fever since Saturday so we are getting her looked at.

I have been meaning to write about our last boating event anyway. Notice the life jackets on the kiddos? Well, we had just gotten a citation for them not having them on while the pontoon boat was anchored and they were trying to sleep within arm's reach of Emily and I. The guy wasn't nice at all... definite power trip. But the end of the story is that I got the citation for the girls and will have to go to court (I think it is because it involves a minor) and the whole ordeal will be very pricey. I know court costs will be $228 and then whatever the fine per child is... I heard that it could be $150 per kid... Any math majors? Yes... $528! Extremely frustrating... especially considering their little lives weren't being threatened at all while they took naps under our watchful eye. I am thinking a warning would have sufficed... but what do I know?

These last two pictures are from this morning. I got her ready to see the doctor before I left for school... everything but her shoes. Allen called me frantic about 10 min before her appointment looking for the shoes. I immediately told them they were in our bathroom... didn't think that would be difficult to see if he were getting ready in there. Oh well. Guys are funny. Kaylen's biggest thing lately is to have "puppy dog ears" (a.k.a. pig tails/pony tails... you get the point) She says it so cute and loves showing them off.


Melinda said...

What in the world have you and Emily gotten yourselves into? Just be honest Rylie pitched an awful fit and refused to wear the life vest didn't she? haha I know my neice. Your right you girls should have gotten a warning! I thought I would join the crowd and start a blog also. I enjoy reading these so much! Oh, I guess I should let you know this is Melnda (Em's sister)

Nikki said...

I'm surprised that you didn't get a warning. I'd be a little ticked.

I hope Kaylen is feeling better.