Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas Pics

I know this is so late but I am playing catch up. It took us a while to get presents wrapped this year. And I dont get on my computer when I am not at school. So there will be many posts today. Here is our tree and gifts all ready for Christmas!

The last of the decorations to be organized. This is always Allen's thing. He arranges the nativity scene. I think it is either because he was actually there and remembers where everyone was or that he is totally OCD about things like that. You decide! ;)

This next picture is of the outdoor playhouse that Santa dropped off for us early so that we could put it together for him. We started early in the day but since we live in Seattle all of the sudden... it started raining. So I had to drag those heavy boxes and Allen had to carry that basic structure in to the garage. I will attest to the heaviness of the cedar wood.

This picture needs an explanation. I asked Allen to give me a visual of how he thought our progress was going. ha! I will say we were up until 4:45 am finishing up. ugh!

Here we all are about to go to church. I love Kaylen's face in this picture!

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