Friday, January 30, 2009


My pictures for this post are above. I have been working on this photobook for Kaylen for weeks now. It was a ton of work and I am not always happy with all of the design elements but it is what it is... done. I really hate her birthday page. I did that a long time ago and didn't have any good embellishments or papers. In hindsight I might have written more often but this is a learning process. I am about to do a San Fran book from our trip last summer. I am making this one all about the images. Totally on a black background. Clean. Crisp. Easy.

I have entered into quite a busy time right now. (Hence the lack of posts)Last weekend was a leadership retreat with our church and it was nice to be in on the goings on and things to come. I love our church and think we are doing some pretty amazing things. This weekend is the High School Retreat - very different than the weekend before. We will be staying in cabins (they are really nice though), having campfires, low ropes course, horseback riding (canceled due to soggy ground), and end of the night devo's from me at 11:45 pm! Oh, and I am leading an art project. I really hope it goes okay because I don't know that I want to be leading anything. Oh well. I am going to put it in God's hands that all will go well. It should be a fun and jam-packed weekend. I am already tired from a late night at a Gaither Vocal Band Concert?!?! Who knew it would still be going strong at 10:30?!? I don't know what time it was actually over because we left so that I could get my toddler in bed by 11pm. I would have never thought that a concert that started at 7 would last so long! Especially one that the average attendee age was roughly 77.

Some things Kaylen has been doing. She has been surprising me lately. Some things she looks at and can read. Like her towel said I (heart) Daddy and she asked me, "Mommy, why does my towel say I love Daddy?" That shocked my socks off! Not only did she read the word Daddy but she inferred that the heart meant love. Smart gal! And lately when I read she wants me to show her where the words are coming from. So I have to put my finger under where I am reading at. She is following along! I know, I am a momma and so that is why I am so proud of my little one but I wanted to write about those things on here so that I wouldn't forget when she's older. Oh, and she went to a UAH basketball game with her grandparents and ended up dancing center court, by herself, to the music. We got many calls and texts telling us about it. Alle said he wished he could have seen it and I reminded him that if we were there he would have never allowed it to happen. He agreed. She is such a sweetheart right now. Very much in to being a helper and is so loving. At night she will ask me to pray for her school. So I do and here is how it goes: Lord, please help Kaylen to obey her teachers (I will)and to share with her friends (I do that. I will) and to obey her Mamaw and Papaw and Mommy and Daddy (I will. I do that, Mommy. I will)... you get the point. But she specifically wants me to pray for those things and wants to let me know that she will do that. It is too cute. We have been pretty successful with the new sleep routine. She is doing great with going to bed in her own bed and comes in our room during the night about 50% of the time.

Everyone have a good weekend... see you back here next week! Oh, let me know what you think about K's book.


shannon said...

Dawn - the photobook is too adorable! I understand about not being happy with all the pieces (I always feel that way after finishing a project) but I think it looks fabulous. Kaylen is lucky to have a mama that takes special care to document all of that - she will always love it!

Hope you and the baby boy are doing well!

Anonymous said...

The photobook is amazing. You have created wonderful memories for her to look back on. You are so creative!

Catherine W.

Jodi said...

Love the book! And that prayer was so adorable - I could just hear her interjecting with all the earnestness she could muster! :)

EmilyFox said...

Love the photobook! Sooo cute:) You need to school me, teacher!