Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What is with all of the upcoming boys?!?!

Okay...I am going to keep a running tally of all the babies I know of that are due out this summer. So far, I don't know of one girl! Surly one will creep into the mix. I will just update this as more people find out.

List so far:
Christy (co-worker): Boy
Me: Boy
Kyllie (previous neighborhood friend): Boy
Connie(friend): Boy
Amy(friend): just had a boy
Ashley (previous neighborhood friend): GIRL!!! :)
Whitley (5th cousin and close friend): Boy
Tara (co-worker): BOY
Updated due to the girls coming out of the woodworks:
Ange (college friend): girl
Jess N (college roommate): ?????
Leslie (old trainer): girl
Michelle R (college friend): girl
Tiffany (previous neighborhood friend): girl

I am sure I am forgetting someone. If you can think of others who are expecting... add them to the list! This is sort of a fun survey.


Anonymous said...

Michelle Rampey is expecting a girl. Congrats to you both!

Anonymous said...

I forgot my name. Sorry. Amber R. from Indianapolis

dawn wilson said...

Ah! and she had a boy first. Interesting. Only one of the second timers had two boys instead of Girl/Boy combo. Thanks for the update! and Hey, Amber. Thanks for telling me where you are from! ha! I often forget my old roomies. wait... i could never do that! Especially not you... i am thinking coat hangers and toilets... you fill in the rest! ;)

Ashley said...

Ah! Everyone (but the Eilands) think I'm having a boy. What in the world? Peer pressure. Leslie Jeffrey is having a girl (2nd girl). Crazy. Can't wait to find out on'll get a text I'm sure!

dawn wilson said...

I have to say I lean towards boy for you... mostly due to the type of pregnancy you've had and my own experience with both. Obviously that means absolutely nothing since everyone is so different with this sort of thing. I don't have a super strong feeling though... I guess because I can so see you guys with a girl... she would be so spoiled! Between your fashion and Adam's aptness for being wrapped by any and all females looking like you... ;) I honestly can see you guys with both... I can't wait to find out.

And I guess I don't converse with Leslie enough... I was connected to her blog forever but I must have received the boot... Can't get on there anymore. :( Well, both of her girls will be absolutely stunning. Can't help but be with such beautiful parents!

Jess said...

Ange is having a girl in May. And Jess N. (if she finds out) is due this summer. You never know!

kyllie said...

Fun! I've been trying to keep a mental tally of them all too, and the boys seem to really be out-numbering the girls! I've been leaning towards girl for Ashley, only b/c it seems like everyone is having boys, there's got to be a girl in the mix somewhere!

However, I don't know if you ever knew them, but the Beckers,(Tiffany & Matt, and they have a little girl, Audrey whose 6 mo younger than Sara), they live on the corner of Tull Water and Hidden Lake, almost right across the street from Alison, they're having a girl in mid-March.

dawn wilson said...

oh yea! I do know them. I totally forgot that she was expecting again. Aren't her two extremely close in age? I could be off on that.

Jesse, Jess, & Corban said...

Totally! In my moms group here in NY, we've had 5 births since November and all 5 were boys! There is something in the water:) My ultrasound is Tuesday so as long as baby is cooperating, we will find out the sex of our little peanut, too- I'll keep you posted!