Thursday, January 08, 2009

Kaylen is 3!!! Happy Birthday!

We had a Snowflake birthday this year. I really didn't get great pictures of it - sadly. I do have lots of video so all is not lost. My camera battery died and so I charged it briefly and that didn't really work. It took pictures but they were blurry because my camera was running slow. Anyway... this is what I do have to show you:

A few highlights from the day: We had 4 little friends - Rylie, Jonah, Andrew, and Andrew. There were also some younger babies in attendance - Jack and Joseph (making his debut for me). We had lots of family there as well. My aunt and her kids even came from Memphis. It was a great success. The kids created snow globes and then played in the "snow" pit. I had bubble makers running and a big pit full of packing peanuts. There were snowflakes everywhere and my garage will be forever glittered. I think it really adds something anyway. I had lots of help from family members all week and this wouldn't have happened without all of them. Some of them took all my Christmas decorations down and put them away and others cleaned, cooked, and decorated. Also a big thank you to Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel. Those three made it to the party and made my little girl's day! I will say that I am already planning to not have her party at my house next year. I think every other year of ridiculous planning is a good idea. It was all worth it and my little princess had a blast. That's all that matters! Love you, Kaylen!


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Kaylen! I knew you'd come up with something really fun for the little one. It looks like a blast - love the "snow!"

shannon said...

That is such a great idea for a party. Happy Birthday Kaylen!!

Anonymous said...

I hate we weren't able to come. We still are not sure if John even had a stomach bug, he may actually be teething-as he is showing all of the signs. Anyway-it looked like lots of fun-we'll bring Kaylen's gift over at some point.

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday, Kaylen!!! What a FUN party - you were the prettiest princess there (sorry Cinderella)! :)