Friday, November 06, 2009


We got an arbor in September. I guess it was a birthday present to each other. Scott, they guy that did it for us, is amazing. If you need any woodwork or any work for that matter, he is your guy! Nice and very smart. Well, here are a few shots of it. He did this is literally 4 days! And if you cant tell the boards on top are at a slant... so it actually shades!! Genius!

I am so far behind on posts... I promise that I will download the last months worth of pictures and get caught up. I have no excuse for my slacking... :(


Jean said...

I'm jealous. Wow! This looks just wonderful. I also drooled over the kids' pictures too. They are so sweet. Miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome!! I cant wait to be able to see it in person!!

Jodi said...

Wow - I LOVE it!!

Katie said...

Hi Dawn and Allen!! Found your blog thru Mel Carpenter's blog. Your kids are adorable. Can't believe how much Kaylen looks like you and love the name Tripp. Hope you all are doing well.