Monday, November 16, 2009


I am playing a bit of catch up. I haven't even downloaded the pictures off my other camera! Eventually I will get back on track with everything... might be after the holidays (once I am back in school).

Halloween was so much fun this year. Kaylen is at a really great age for everything. She had the best time playing on the blow-ups at Willowbrook. We did that and then we trick-or-treated in our neighborhood and then at our old neighborhood. It was good to see everyone. Tripp is doing great. At 5 months he weighed 17 pounds! He is such a great sleeper and a happy baby. He is rolling all over the place and "talking" up a storm. He is so much busier than Kaylen ever was! We have really been having a lot of fun and Kaylen is becoming such a great big helper!!


Jean said...

One of them is cuter than the other! Sweet little ones.

Mimi said...

Too cute!

Jodi said...

hahaha! LOVE IT!!