Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tripp sitting up

Tripp is doing so much these days.

A few notable things:

Sitting up
Eating fruits and vegetables
babbling like he is really talking
rolling all over the place
loves Muggsley and Kaylen
Sleeps like there is no tomorrow! From 8pm to 9am consistently (I love you, Tripp!)

1 comment:

Jesse, Jess, Corban, and Malorie said...

So cute! Just caught up on all your posts! That is CRAZY about Kaylen's eye injury- wow! I'm so glad she's okay! Life with two can be crazy but it is so rewarding isn't it?! I love watching Corban and Malorie interact- they're so good to each other:) Hopefully, that will be the case a year from now, too! Love ya!