Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas and December Catch Up

I have all these pictures left on my camera from the past month and a half. So I am going to do post for December and one for January.
Tripp is almost crawling here. He has been a big rocker. He will propel himself forward like an inch worm.

Here he is saying dada. He hasnt made the correlation between the word and its meaning but he babbles it all the time. You can also see his two teeth sparkling through.

Here are some of the cookies I made for Kaylen's Christmas party at school. I enjoyed being able to do things for her parties while I was off. I always hated missing out on those things when I was working.

This is after church on Christmas Eve. We took a few pics of us and K took the picture of me and Allen at the end.

After the photo shoot we all put our christmas pj's on. (Well, me and the kids did.)
Here are the cookies, milk and letter we left for Santa.

And this is what he left the kids in return:

Kaylen woke up about 8:30 Christmas morning and was so excited to go downstairs and see what Santa had left.

Kaylen got walkie talkies this year so her dad is showing her how they work.

Kaylen on Christmas morning. She was so excited!!! This was a really fun year and the first thing that she was crazy over were some pink flamingo slippers. Go figure!

Tripp really loved his toys as well. He played with everything and wasn't sure which thing he wanted to play with next. They were both in such good moods this day.

Emily got a new camera and I got a new lens so we got together and took a few pics of the kids. I am just putting up one of each kid. We didn't stay outside long as it was freezing!!!

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