Friday, January 15, 2010

Dance Recital

Kaylen's first dance recital was last night. There was a bit of a mix up because she switched from going on Mondays to going on Thursdays so we missed the memo that her age group would be preforming on Friday instead of Thursday. So she preformed with an older class and wasn't all that familiar with everything they were doing. It was really funny to watch though. I will say that if you aren't my mom, you may not want to watch all of these. I just didn't want her to miss out on any of the details but I will try to say what each video contains and you can decide if it is worth your time or not. Of course I think they are all wonderful! :)

This one is just her introduction.

This is her tap song... she is a step behind and it is funny to watch the girl in front of her versus her. That older girl had it going on. She was right with it and then Kaylen... well, she had her own twist. ;)

I have more but I have been trying to post all day and this is all that has worked. I will try again later. :)


Katherine W Eiland said...

Kaylen is too cute!! I love her version of the dance.:) So glad to see what you guys have been up too lately-miss seeing you! I can't believe she is 4!!! Tripp is growing up quick too-you are right- so smiley! Hope to catch up in person soon.

EmilyFox said...

So cute! Rylie watched the tap and said Kaylen looked so cute! You can't miss her in her purple tutu! LOve it!