Monday, April 28, 2008


I really try to keep this a positive site where friends and family can come and see a happy, fluffy version of what goes on in the wilson home. Today will not be a post like that. So you may just want to move on to the next blog. I need to vent. I really just want to cry, go back to bed and ignore all of my obligations.

Okay so my weekend was full of house work and school work. no time for play or rest. A quick run down of all that allen, his dad, and I accomplished. 1. the boys broke up a row of bricks that were in the ground, hacked down a big ole bush bigger than both of them that was covered in vines and surrounded with poison oak (which they aren't allergic to but I am!!!), fixed the cords from the TV so that they are more hidden, and hung the blinds in our bedroom. That was all Sunday afternoon - until 10:30 pm. I worked on sewing curtains for the spare bedroom (see we need to get window coverings upstairs because the sun is roasting the rooms and heating up everything)oh and I didn't get as far as I wanted because of my dumb sewing machine, I ironed the panel curtains that I bought for my bedroom, started and finished (at 1 am on sunday night) a big paper that was due this week for my masters program,went to panoply breifly since my students had work up, went to a birthday party of a friends little girl, hung some ferns, did laundry, and had to organized a ton of my clothes that had been in the amoir because allen set the tv up in there. We have a few events coming up and we want this crazy house to be in order. Oh, I almost forgot that we hung stuff on the walls and organized the bonus room, put together a new toy chest for kaylen, and unpacked boxes that we still hadn't touched.

So a lot has been happening... what else? Well, I woke up VERY late for school today. Missed first period. Great. Have a virus on my computer that is effecting the printer... along with all of Huntsville City Schools. Trying to deal with that. Got an email from the band director... we are fueding. They are trying to make me not take certain students into my advanced art program if they are really talented in band. Even though the student has chosen to take advanced art instead of band, I am supposed to pretend that they aren't talented enough to make it in and then they are forced to stay where they are at. All for the sake of the program... not the actual students in the program! I guess I need to keep this PG so I better stop there. It is completely rediculous and right now I don't have the energy to deal with such crap. I am not even fighting for my program... I am fighting for the students to have their own choice!

Moving on... I have a portfolio due May 14... I thought I had 10 out of 20 domain indicators that are due absolutely completed. My advisor emailed me to let me know that only 4 out of the 10 were good enough to be completed. So that means I have to work on 16 domain indicators as well as all of my regular weekly work. This is a pass/fail type situation. I am really not sure if I will pass. I keep telling allen about my stress with this but he doesn't get it! I am definitely not upset with him. He has been helping me with Kaylen a ton lately so that I can work on this as much as possible. He just keeps thinking that maybe the advisor didn't see all that I had turned in and I keep telling him that there is no way for her to have missed anything. I truly have this much work looming over me. So you would think with all of this work I wouldn't have anything else but homework to worry about. WRONG!!!! Allen decided this weekend would be a great time to have a major cookout at our house. And this is with his golf buddies on Saturday morning. Could he have consulted me about this and waited until after this big homework push was over? I guess not. So our house has to be in order and people I really dont know are going to be calling me to ask what they should bring!!!!! are you joking? I better not say anything else about this... I really do love having company but I love having company when I have the time to devote to throwing a great shindig. None of these people will know what all I have on my plate right now and they will just think that I am a bad party planner. Oh well. And to top that, I am planning my sister's graduation celebration at my house the saturday of Mother's day weekend. So two weekends in a row.... big stinking events at my unfinished joke of a house when I have no time to devote to planning! Have I lost my ever-loving mind?!?!?! I seriously want to cry. The good news is that on May 15 I am going to the beach with my girlfriends. Boy do I need this break! It will come the day after I have to turn in this nasty big portfolio. If I pass or fail... wont matter at that point!

Anyway, if you think about me over the next few weeks.... please pray for my sanity and that I can be nice to, oh... anyone at all!

BTW... dont expect many posts in the mean time! :)


Ashley said...

Yikes! Dawn, calm down. One breath at a time. I feel your pain as far as "events." I have a major supper and a baby shower at my house this week, and considering I have been out of town for 9 days. Yikes! We will survive. Can you cancel anything? Just start planning your time and post a schedule so you'll keep to it. That's what I did with studying for the PE. You can do it! And, if you want us all to come to the cookout this weekend as "maids and butlers" I'm sure we could do it. Your frends would surely be impressed!

PS Yay for the beach! That is always good to look forward to!

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Nikki said...

Oh Dawn, you do have a lot on your plate right now. Just do what you can and the rest will fall into place. I know this is easier said that done, but good luck!