Monday, April 28, 2008

Allen lost his wedding ring

I had to post this seperately because I am not actually mad about this... to include this with the last post would put off the wrong vibe. Anyway, I told Allen I would be posting this out on the WWW for all to know and razz him about. So all you nurses out there... please feel free to torture him relentlessly about this.

This wedding ring hasn't been missing for a day or two... it has been missing for months! I am actually a little sad because it was engraved and for sentimental reasons I hope we find it. But he said he had to get rid of it because it was messing with his game. I told him that I would be more concerned about his face messing with that game than I would be his wedding band. Okay... so I can only say that because I know I am married to a great catch with a good looking face. And I know that the ring must be somewhere on that silly golf course. I am also glad that I dont actually have to worry about his ring since I know he is all mine. Some people really do have to be concerned and I am blessed to have a faithful mate. Just a forgetful one and I will not make this easy on him. He would absolutely kill me if I lost my ring! But that is because mine is worth a bit more than his. Anyway, sock it to him! (This post right here is why I am glad he never actually looks at this blog of mine!) This will show him!


Bull said...

He might have lost it at that party next door a couple weekends ago.

dawn wilson said...

good point! He did get absolutely sloshed with those heathen neighbors of yours. ;) Dirty!