Friday, April 11, 2008


These images are topping the freak-o-meter charts but I think they are hilarious so I thought I would brighten this gloomy day a bit. I can't believe it is going to be so cold this weekend. I want to pressure wash my house. I tried to yesterday but something was wrong with the pressure washer. We are going to borrow a different one. Oh, since I am just chatting it up a bit... how about American Idol yesterday? Michael Johns?!?!?! GRRRRR. I think there are many others that should be going before him. That's just me. Moving on... things with the house are moving right along. Painters are kicking butt today and there will be a lady cleaning the dust. YEA!!! So we will be able to move our downstairs furniture back for sure. Upstairs I dont know if we will be able to or not. I really hope so because I can't take sleeping with my little tornado anymore! I haven't slept in over a week because of her. I will post a lot about the house next week. I hope to do some before and afters... finally! Oh, one last thing that totally disturbed me... My mom said that when she was driving to work yesterday they closed down three lanes on the interstate because someone had been shot and their body was left laying in the middle of the interstate! What in the world?!?!?! I can't imagine the level of callused you would have to be to care so little about human life that you would leave someone's body in the middle of an interstate. Anyway, for whatever reason I can't get that visual out of my mind. Thanks mom! Okay a major gear switch... enjoy Sara the Bumblebee, Ashton the Moose, and Kaylen as schmegal (I know I spelled that wrong but you get the point).

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Jodi said...

You just Grrrrrred! I love it. :)