Monday, April 14, 2008

Jam-packed weekend!

Okay, so I get home on Friday and begin cleaning the house. Neither Allen nor I are paying much attention to Kaylen because we are both working on the house. So I walk through the Dining Room only to find my lovely daughter on top of the table dumping out the last few remaining drops of a full bottle of windex onto my new dark rug. Sigh. Can we have nothing nice? Allen and I spent a long time cleaning the rug to the best of our ability and we were lucky to not have any type of stain. After we were finished with that drama we dropped Kaylen off at her grandparents house (we needed a break) and went to dinner and then Lowes for a new rug. Next we went to the middle school dance and cut a rug. We got home and I waxed the floor in the Living Room so that we could put our furniture in there. Finally we were finished around 2am!

So I slept in on Saturday. But once I got up and going here is a run down of all I did: I went shopping for a few things for Kaylen's room. I did 10 loads of laundry... that's right - 10! It wasn't all clothes. I had some fabric to wash, sheets, the dogs things, etc. I met Allen for lunch at the club and then we went to Southern Home and Hearth. We got a new mantle!(will post a pic once it is hung - still drying) It was unstained so we stopped by Home Depot to pick out the color. I did the staining while Allen and his Dad put up the mount for the TV in the Living room. I was so proud of Allen... he learned how to hang things into brick. He did a great job and of course it is in just the right spot! The furniture was moved into the living room.

I had to cook some finger foods for a birthday party we were going to Saturday evening. I tried to clean a rug for the eat-in kitchen but I am not sure it was saved. We left for the party and stayed until 9ish. The Dining room was put back in order. We moved all of Kaylen's furniture into her new room (first I had get the paper and drop cloths up, sweep and mop the floors and dust everything off). We were in bed by 1 am and had to get up early to go to early church. I am going to make a quilt for Kaylen's room so I got things ready to begin that project. Here is a sampling of the colors:

Here is Kaylen's room so far. We have one small glitch. The footboard isn't attached. The bedrails that I have only attach to the headboard and so I set the footboard there for the pic. If any of you have bedrails that attach to the head and foot of a bed that you aren't using... I'm your huckleberry! I haven't hung anything on her walls yet but I have some cute art ideas ahead. Also, anyone have any window treatment ideas? I am at a loss! I think I need to call a professional for blinds help because I dont know how to hang anything on that.

Pictures of Kaylen's room wouldn't be complete without Kaylen! She wanted to do these two poses for the camera in her new peent chair.

After church we cleaned, organized, I did my homework, oh... and I took a nap from 3-6 pm! I have a cute Kaylen story. I was putting her to bed last night and she had a little pink cat that was going to sleep with her. She was sitting up in bed and she held the cat in her lap. She patted the bed beside her and told her cat to sit here. The she bounced the cat on her lap and talked for him and said, "no, here". She then turned the cat over and spanked it and said, "Obey, Cat!". I am pretty sure she understands what is going on when she gets in trouble! Anyway, I made it to bed by 12:30 but got no sleep. Kaylen woke up crying at 2:30 and ended up in our bed. Okay, the next four pictures are of the kitchen. It's pretty much finished minus the replacement of that one window. What do you think of the backsplash? OH! Something else I did on Saturday... I replanted 6 plants into new pots. You can see some of them in the kitchen.


Nikki said...

I love the fabrics you picked for Kaylen's room. I can't wait to see what you do for artwork.

Ashley said...

Yes, I love the room too - so girlie! I'm glad you're going with pink and brown. You'll have to tell me about your quilt. One day, when I'm staying at home raising kiddos, I'll be as domestic as you =) Oh, and I think you should do blinds in Kaylen's window - like we have at our house. Then, you could do a pretty swag across the top of the window.

dawn wilson said...

I am totally with you... I want to have blinds but I dont have a window sill! grrr... so what do I do without a window sill? I dont know. That is why i need professional help...

anyway, good news... I found a footboard attachment kit for my bedrails... problem solved! YAHOO!

Jodi said...

I love the cat story!!! Yup - there's no doubt you're getting through to her. haha. What a doll!

The house is looking great!

Jill said...

Everything is looking great, Dawn! I love productive weekends like that and am impressed with all you've gotten finished! Can't wait to see the finished product of Kaylen's room!