Wednesday, April 16, 2008

house stuff

So I tried to stain our new mantle... it didn't go well. My painting crewleader spent 3 hours yesterday sanding and scraping what I had done. ugh. no telling how much that will cost me! Anyway, she isn't done fixing it but we all decided to set it up where it will go to make sure we are all on the right track... this is how it will look. The TV cords will be gone when things are all in their actual place. We have ordered our fireplace doors and they should be in soon.

Allen had a dinner program last night so I decided to move all of the furniture into the spare bedroom with the help of Kaylen, of course. To be honest with you I thought he would be really surprised because I seriously moved some heavy stuff... a dresser, the bed, a big club chair... but no. He didn't seem all that impressed. He was glad it was done but that was it! Anyway, I guess he just thinks I am ultra strong and isn't surprised by that. We now have to start hanging stuff on the walls and I need to sew some curtains for some of these rooms. The big thing is that all of the furniture is in its correct room! I have a few more boxes to unpack too.

Oh, Allen's parents came by after I had gotten all of the furniture moved and I got his dad to help me move the desk into the room. So, that one item I did have help on. I am not Shera! Geez.

The next two pics are of Kaylen's bathroom. The mirror isn't hung and there needs to be a few more small things done for this room to be complete but I really love the beadboard in here.

Sidenote* I feel like I should let the blog world know that we have sent Laci to Jeff and Aline's for a while. I hate that dog! She had been doing so well until about a week ago. In the last week she has peed ON MY LAP 3 times. Last night was the second night in a row. I couldn't take it anymore. Why is she doing this to me? I need the dog whisper. I will admit that I was really hard on her months ago but lately I have been nothing but nice. Doesn't help! She still pees all over me! I can take my own daughter peeing on me but not my dog. GRRRRRRRR.


Shannon said...

I love the black and white and red - so cute!!

Amanda said...

I love your black and white damask pattern!

Jodi said...

I can't BELIEVE she pees RIGHT ON YOU! That's so funny! Pitiful, but funny!

Ashley said...

What WILL you do when you don't have house updates to post on this blog?? You will have to take on a new hobby!! Looks great. Love the new spare room.