Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Massive Yard Work!!!

So the people that lived in our house before us did not take care of anything. The house was run down. The yard was run down. Everything was bad. The neighbors on either side of us let their bushes and such grow up as much as possible so they wouldn't have to look at our house! Awesome! Anyway, we have been working to rid ourselves of the forrest that was our yard.

After you read my post yesterday, I am sure you were really worried for my sanity. As am I! Anyway, Allen and his dad decided to chop the forrest behind our house down so that we could see the golf course. It looks amazing but you have no idea how much work it was! The pictures give you a fairly good idea. After I had completed all of the homework I could stand, I went out and drug a major majority of all of the trees into the front yard. Allen and his dad were both covered in scrapes and cuts. See all of the trees were covered in briars and poison oak. I dressed in long pants, a sweatshirt, tennis shoes, and gloves. The last thing I want right now is poison oak all over me! Anyway, enjoy the unexpected post.

Things expected to happen this week: a fence! The two windows installed. Maybe get my cabinets fixed around the microwave (if not this week, then next). And we are having more trees cut down! Two on the side of the house because they will be in the way of our new expanded driveway (which we may have to wait a few months to install) and that really ugly cedar tree in the front of our house!!! I am most excited about getting rid of that ugly thing! So a few exciting things on the horizon.

Oh, yesterday I had Allen stop by Hancock Fabrics to pick up one tiny little spool of ribbon for the curtains I am making. He came back with that plus 4 big pieces of artwork for this big wall near our kitchen area! He is such a sucker for a sale! They are really nice and he did an amazing job finding them! I am glad he got them and extremely surprised! I will post a pic of that once they are hung.

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