Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The best news I've had in a year!

So today I called IWU (college I am getting my Master's from) and asked about my payment schedule. See, my records showed that I was completely paid up (actually have a credit which I will get back!) but my class schedule said that I had one more 8 week class to go. I never thought that I might not have to take that class! Never in a million years! So I called asking if I still had to pay for it or if that was already covered somehow. She informed me that I would be getting back $200 smackers and I was already in my last class! What the French, Toast?!?! So I will be completely done with weekly classes on Sept. 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To say that I am elated would be the understatement of the century! I want to hug absolutely every single person that I see today! I have never had such an unexpected fortunate event!! I am using exclamation points out the wazoooo!!!!!

I will have one last check point meeting on Nov. 27 but other than that ,I will be done in 6 weeks!!!!!! Can anyone believe this exhausting program is almost done?!?! I have a lot to do between now and Sept. 25 but I am just happy to be here! YAHOOO!!!


Ashley said...

That is GREAT news! Only Dawn would not know when her last class is scheduled =)...we'll celebrate post-Sept 25th!

Amy Davis said...

Yes, I call for a celebration as well!!

Jodi said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Exclaim away, my dear!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

That is great news-I am so happy for you! You have every right to use as many exclamation points as you want.:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn!
So glad to hear the great news! All your hard work will pay off and will be a great accomplishment. congrats!
-Catherine Wynn