Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Mazda 6!

It's that time again! Time to order a new company car. The choices this year were all different than last time. Here was the line up: Mazda 5 (a minivan type thing), Chevy Malibu, Mazda 6, Volvo S40 (too small but nice), and a Nissan Rogue. It came down to the Rogue or the 6... when all was said and done, the 6 had more amenities. We chose Black exterior with beige (looks tanish to me) cloth and leather bucket seats. Of course it might take two months for us to actually get it... but just knowing it is coming is fun!!!

Just curious... which one would you have chosen?


Amanda said...

Nice...i want a company car! Ok I would have picked the Volvo b/c the S40 has been my dream car for years. I know too small and impractical but thats how I roll :)
Now, the Volvo SUV is my dream mom car. (It will not happen but that's why its a dream ha!)

Bull said...

Probably the Volvo or the Rogue. But I'd take anything that was free. I'm sad to see the current car go...I will always cherish the moment you and I had together in the back seat of that Dodge at the movie theater.

dawn wilson said...

Ha!!!! That was quite the moment! I am not sad to see this car go in the least. Allen has run out of gas in it at least 15 times! Anyway, it was a difficult decision. The volvo was very tempting but so incredibly small and we will have this car long enough to have two car seats in that thing. I don't even know if both would have fit. So that narrowed out the Volvo. Sadly. The Rogue was a serious contender but when comparing the two side by side... the mazda had more bells... like serius radio, leather and cloth seats, car start button, and a few more things that the rogue didnt have. But the rogue had a hatchback and that would have been nice for getting drugs out in the rain... It was a tough call.