Monday, August 18, 2008

Grill Out at the Carlisle's

On Saturday we finally had a cookout at the Carlisle's. They have the best backyard (and house for that matter) for the kids to play in. They all really had a great time and it was really fun to watch them all play together. Great memories!!! I ended up with a few really cute shots of Katherine and Rylie but nothing to hang on your wall of Kaylen and Jonah. Thankfully all of our kids are about the cutest things you could imagine so great shot or not... they are still so darling (maybe I'm biast... I don't know!)


EmilyFox said...

They are sooo cute, aren't they! I am so glad they all play so well together! Fun times!

Hollie said...

Look out! Pigs are flying everywhere. hehe Thanks for sharing Dawn. I just spent the last hour looking at your blog. Very cute pics from the weekend. We had a blast.

Oh, and loved the video of Kaylen dancing with her eyes closed. Jonah needs to take some lessons!!

Connie said...

Those pics are sooo cute! All the kids are growing up so fast:)
And, congrats on the early graduation...what fantastic news!

Libby said...

Olivia has the same shirt as Kaylen - the poka-dot shirt. VERY CUTE!! Your daughter is just such a little mini-me for you! :)