Thursday, August 21, 2008

I took a few video's of Kaylen last night of Kaylen being ultra smart. So this post is a bit of a bragfest... but hey, she's my kid and I'm a proud mama.

The first video is for Katherine. She wanted to make this for you so here it is... There is a small shout out to Russ in there too but you have to listen closely.

This video is honestly not as impressive as the next. She can count much better than this but last night she started feeling a little goofy. She skips the teens but she never really likes them anyway. So here she is counting... in her own order ;)

This last one is the awesome one... She can read!!! well, some words at least. She can definitely recall what she has seen before. She knows her friends from school. This is just a few of them but seriously... check out the names of her classmates... odd... the second to the last is truly Barklee. Never heard of that before. I am just amazed that two people agreed on that one. Anyway, she also spells her name for you at the end. She can also pick out letters and lay them in order to spell her name. So she knows them by sight and memory. I think this one is impressive of my little two year old!


EmilyFox said...

SOOOO brilliant! I love it! Can she tutor Rylie? :)

Anonymous said...

I feel so proud-I know you and Allen are glad I taught her that chant and now she says it over and over-but hey it is too cute! I love the way she says my name. The other videos are precious-she is getting so big!

Amanda said...

Wow those are adorable videos! She is so cute and such a smarty too! BTW I loved seeing your family room in the background. You need to post some new house pictures!

Jodi said...

You crack me up. I enjoy being entertained by you as much as Kaylen! :)