Monday, August 11, 2008

Update of the past few weeks

I didn't edit these pictures so the quality isn't great. I still wanted to let you guys know what we have been up to. Of course, school started. I am extremely close to being done with my Master's. I have 6 credits left!!! I think my last due date is Dec. 3. I finally see that light at the end of the tunnel!!! Last night I had dinner with some friends. It was fun and eventful!!! Now the last two times I have been to PF Changs there has been baby trouble. The first time, I was the responsible party but last night it wasn't Kaylen with the issues so I could appreciate the humor in the most unfortunate event. I did feel sorry for my friend because it really wasn't fun for her to have to handle. Anyway, it was really good to see everyone. While I was gone, Allen and his dad put the basketball goal together so we had a little B-ball time after the sun went down. Kaylen would laugh when we would dribble around her and she would chase after the ball. I know.. K and I are in our Sunday dresses still.

This pic of the front of the house isn't great due to the whole night-time thing. I have been wanting to put a column update on here for my mom... so I will put some better updates on here soon. I think we might get our shower door tomorrow. Stay tuned!!!

We went to my mom's house a few weeks ago and the next pic is of K at the pool enjoying a yummy strawberry popcicle. We had a great visit.

The next three pictures are of our trip to Point Mallard. Kaylen loved the slide and the swing. She loved anywhere she could touch! This is why I am going to be putting her in swim lessons in Sept. She is really afraid of water she can't touch in. Well, the second picture is of Jonah, Kaylen, Rylie and Andrew. They do a lot of things together. I really love that my friends have kids the same age! It helps!!!

This is a picture of Kaylen's first day of school. She is going from 9-1 Monday - Friday at a Mother's day out program. So far, she loves it!


Anonymous said...

The picture of her going to school with her backpack and everything is my favorite-how cute! See you Thurs. night!

shannon said...

That first day of school picture is TOO CUTE!!

Jodi said...

I'm so excited that you FINALLY updated (tee hee)! :) Congrats on being six credits from the END - that's AWESOME!!!

Laura Crocker said...

Cute pics of the first day of Mom's Day Out, I am SO jealous. I miss Mom's Day out so much, this 24/7/365 thing SUCKS! Ha Ha

Ashley said...

I am still laughing about the Bridge Street Both Ends blowout! TOO much fun! Let's do it again soon...