Thursday, August 14, 2008

Funny Teacher Moment

After lunch my 5th period class is always asking to go to the bathroom... makes sense. Today I had a guy, we'll call him Blake(for his own anonymity), say he needed to go to the bathroom. I noticed he was gone for a long time. While he was gone, a known trouble-maker asked to go to the bathroom. I only let them go one at a time with a pass. So I told him he could go when Blake got back. I noticed that when Blake returned he was exchanging smiles and giggles with the trouble-maker that was now making his way to the bathroom. This made me think that there was something going on in the bathroom that I might need to know about. So I called Blake up to my desk and asked him what it was he was exchanging glances with the other kid about. He tried to avoid the question and say he didn't know what I was talking about.

I should have dropped it but was sure something was going on now.

So I told him I didn't believe that and did he want to tell me what was going on. He said that he was only smiling like that because it probably stinks in there.

Can you imagine having to tell your teacher that you just stunk up the bathroom? I am feeling bad for him as he quietly works on his assignments right now. I thanked him for his extreme honesty and told him he could be seated.


Amanda said...

Ha that is funny. How embarrassing for him!

Jodi said...

Hmmmm... just how confident are you that he didn't come up with the quickest way to save his hide...?
In High School I skipped a class with a couple of friends and they told me to plead "female trouble" if I got caught, that way the teacher would be too embarrassed/compassionate to carry the conversation any further. NOPE. I got a detention.
Go check the bathroom.